Innovation is in our DNA

Since the company was created we have been heavily involved in innovation and research. We firmly believe that innovation would be the key to our success. On daily bases we challenge each other to think outside the box and to be creative.


Research focus

Our research focuses in the application of deep neural networks (DNN) for natural language understanding (NLU). We are particularly interested in the application of semantic co-encoders for creating general purpose sentence embeddings that can be used for ranking, classification and intent recognition. We are also interested in domain entities recognition and cognitive automation.

Project mind

Our research ultimately point to project MIND which aims to create the MIND for businesses. You can follow our progress on ResearchGate.

Publications and grants

As most of successful research centres we measure our success by the number of publications, patents and research grants. That is also our way to contribute to the overall advancement of the human kind.


EDU-Kare is our contribution to e-learning using MIND to create the ultimate knowledge-base for teaching machine learning.

Research network

Collaboration is the key for success. That’s why we have created our own Research network, to facilitate the collaboration between us and our partners in academia.