Publications Patents and Grants

We are very proud of our portfolio of patents, papers and of all the research grants that we have achieved in the past few year. And this is just the beginning.



You can follow our progress on ResearchGate. The following is a list of all recent ones:

On Character vs Word Embeddings as Input for English Sentence Classification (2018)

Performance Comparison of Popular Text Vectorising Models on Multi-Class Email Classification (2018)

The pitfall of using question detection as a proxy for action inference in natural text conversations: a position paper (2017)

The Effect of Negative Sampling Strategy on the Performance of the Deep Structured Semantic Model (2017)


We own various patents in the are of task generation and intent extraction from semi-structured data.

Grants and research funding

In the past few year we have achieved the following research grants:

KTP with InnovateUK in collaboration the University of Middlesex (2018)

CapitalEnterprise KEEP program (2017)