Our Amazing Team

Our world-class team consists of industry-leaders from across the globe who are passionate about finding new and sustainable ways of improving customer service through innovation. Ranging from academics from top universities such as UCL (University College London), Edinburgh University, Cambridge University, and King's College London, to experienced industry executives at companies like Google, Apple, Shazam, Microsoft SwiftKey, and Logitech, we have a team of dedicated and passionate individuals.

Tim Porter

CEO & Founder

Tim is the visionary behind kare. Having set out to disrupt the customer support industry, Tim draws on his extensive experience from having worked at Google, Apple, and Shazam to guide kare towards becoming the industry norm for when it comes to CX and CEM. By only surrounding himself with other visionaries, Tim has successfully managed to foster a community of people at kare with passion and innovation at their core.    

Dr. Michele Sama


Michele is an accomplished technical manager with experience in Cloud based (distributed) systems, mobile apps, testing, and research. Having worked at Google, Mazen, and Microsoft SwiftKey, Michele has a passion for helping start-ups grow and prides himself on discovering and developing disruptive technologies and finding new business opportunities.

Joseph Brown

SVP Worldwide Sales

Joseph is a visionary, results-oriented technology leader with a wealth of experience building profitable high growth SaaS and eCommerce organizations. Having held numerous management-level positions at the likes of Edify, RightNow Technologies, and Avangate, Joseph's key knowledge of the customer support industry has resulted in kare's rapid growth and adoption in the customer support market.   

What We Value 


Being A Visionary

Some say having your 'head in the clouds' is a bad thing. Not always. Finding new  ways of improving the customer support industry is no easy feat. That's why we only employ people who are determined to find new and innovative solutions to age-old problems.  


Accepting Responsibility

We firmly believe in recognising the accomplishments of every one of our employees. When one of us has done well, we shout it from the rooftops. We're also aware that each of us is accountable for our actions and that we need to accept responsibility when things perhaps don't go as intended.   


Respecting Others

Over they years, we've successfully fostered a company-wide culture of positivity, creativity, and collaboration. We regularly work together and brainstorm ideas on how to come up with novel ideas of how to consistently deliver superior experiences for our customers and our customers customers. 

We Love To Give Back 

We're always looking for ways of giving back to the community. That's why, through the various charity runs that we have taken part in over the past couple of years, we have already managed to raise thousands of pounds for charities such as Children of Rwanda and the World Cancer Research Fund UK. We have no intention of stoping any time soon!  

To get in contact with us about potentially raising money for your charity, we invite you to send an email to info@gluru.co and together, we will see how we can help! 

Experience kare For Yourself

With around the clock availability, we're always around to show you how kare can help streamline your existing customer experience