Mobile Support

Offer the same excellent customer experience to your customers who prefer to use mobile when communicating with you.  

Your customers are always on the move.

Given the recent proliferation of technology that's made devices like tablets and smartphones more accessible, your customers now have even more means of communicating with you than ever before. Whether your customers are at their desks, commuting to their next meeting, or at home relaxing, they can now communicate with you from anywhere and at any time (it is estimated that 60% of all online traffic comes from people using their smartphones and tablets).

So what does this mean for your business? You need to ensure that your customer support processes are flexible enough to accommodate these rapidly changing consumer attitudes and behaviours.

Through kare's Mobile Support solution, you can integrate our award-winning Customer Self Service solution into your mobile app. In doing so, your customers will be able to interact with the Widget while browsing your website on their mobiles, and will benefit from the same unrivalled search and self service technology.  

Alternatively, if you've already integrated our Customer Self Service solution onto your website and your website has been developed to be responsive on mobile, your customers will still be able to interact with it.  


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