Customer Self-Service

"A sophisticated self-serve platform that caters to both simple and complex queries by communicating through dialogue with your customers, to successfully navigate them towards the correct resolution to their question."

Life is full of questions

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Some of these questions are perhaps more complex than others, but unless they are rhetorical, they all have one thing in common - they require an answer.

kare's Self-Service solutions - powered by our multi-patented MIND technology - make it possible for your customers to proactively and independently find the answers to all of their questions, in their own words, and in their own time. Isn't’ that wonderful? No need to answer, that was rhetorical.

With pinpoint accuracy and split-second resolution speeds, kare uses its AI-based technology to draw on the content from your existing knowledge base and uses it to successfully deflect a significant number of the repetitive and unanswerable queries that you receive.

By leveraging your knowledge, kare then dialogues with your customers to successfully guide them towards the resolution they seek, reducing the burden on your support representatives.

kare is more than simply a 'chatbot', 'semantic search engine' (SSE), or 'question answering engine' (QA). It combines the best of all three. As a chatbot, it supports a customised interactive user experience (UX) through dialogue. As a QA engine, it understands the semantics of a question and learns from usage. As a SSE, it handles unstructured data and searches in existing knowledge bases.

See How kare's Self Service Platform Offers The Most Comprehensive Solution To Date

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The Widget


Proactive Self-Service

The Widget represents a simple way for your customers to enter into a dialogue with any relevant knowledge base, and be successfully guided towards the resolution of their query. By helping your customers to navigate through the various product and/or service related articles available on your website, you’ll notice a significant drop in the number of escalated queries to your human agents, thus enabling them to focus on the more important issues.

Easy Escalation 

Having said this, we’re also well aware that there will always be those customers who would much rather speak to a human agent (for example the more older demographic of your clientele), which is why we’ve made it just as simple for them to contact one of your agents at any stage of their journey. With one click of a button, they can instantly be put through to a member of your dedicated customer support staff and commence a dialogue with them!  


Actionable Insights

With kare's breakthrough Admin Console technology, you will gain insights into how your customers are interacting with your knowledge base. What’s more, not only will you be able to access a multitude of key metrics, but you will also get a full log of all the questions that your customers are asking as well as the ‘missing knowledge’ — questions that have no knowledge available to address them.

The goal is to enable you to continually optimize your customer relations!

The Ask Bar


With the same technology used to power the Widget and access to exactly the same analytics through your Admin Console, the only difference between both platforms is the user interface (UI).

 The Ask Bar is similar in appearance to a conventional search bar, but with considerably more sophisticated capabilities. Unlike some of our competitors’ search bars, our Ask Bar is not simply keyword-based (a technology that has been around for the last 20 + years and which hasn’t really changed).

The Ask Bar lets your customers search for information however they’d like, without requiring them to use specific keywords or phrases. 

In other words, when it comes to finding information, we’ve made it considerably easier for your customers by removing the archaic confines of keyword-based search and the ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your questions. Please could you type that again’ default messages.

What’s more - our Ask Bar also remembers the customers’ search history, meaning that we don’t just leave them high-and-dry once they’ve asked a question. Should they want to review the question(s) they’ve already asked, or perhaps go back to a previous response, they can do so by scrolling through the log of questions and answers.

With kare implemented in our knowledge base, we are able to let applicants from all over the world easily navigate the jungle of information about studies at top universites. One top of that, we instantly know when our knowledge base is missing vital pieces of information.
— Emil Bender Lassen, President of Mentorship at Project Access

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