Agent Knowledge Search Tool

"Provide your support representatives with the only tool they'll ever needed to instantly access accurate information, regardless of how or where that information is stored." 

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Whether you’ve recently released a new line of products or are running a new seasonal discount, it is essential that your agents remain knowledgeable and up-to-date on each of these new offerings to be able to accurately and efficiently advise your customers accordingly.

Also, if you operate in a highly regulated industry (for example the pharmaceutical or financial industries), having all of the documentation on regulatory requirements, company guidelines, or various policy documents readily available, helps ensure all of your agents remain compliant and avoid any slip-ups.  

As a result of our patented breakthroughs in information retrieval technology, kare can be deployed internally to facilitate the information gathering process for support representatives seeking out additional information on how to resolve specific customer queries. 

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Unrivalled Search Accuracy

With pinpoint search accuracy and split-second resolution speeds, our search technology leverages your internal knowledge base(s) and applies our multi-patented AI-based technology to surface the most relevant knowledge to address your support representatives query - the first time around 

Compared to existing alternatives, the quality of kare's search far outperforms that of its competitors. Out of the box, kare has a probability at one (P@1) search accuracy of 70%, compared to an industry average of 58%. Within a matter of weeks, this accuracy increase to 90%+. 

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Boosted Agent Productivity

As a result of our industry-leading search accuracy, your agents will instantly become more productive.

By providing them with the tools and resources to instantly access any information scattered across various knowledge bases, your agents will be able to easily find the information needed to address any customers query.

The result - no more wasted time scouring numerous web-pages, forums, or databases for information. Simply input any query into kare and get the most relevant, up-to-date knowledge needed to address any ticket.    

Knowledge Optimisation

Not only is the Admin Console where your support representatives can upload, edit, and delete knowledge, but it is also where they will be able to access key insights into exactly what questions your customers are asking, clustered by common theme.

If you have also implemented our Customer Self-Service solution onto your website, your support representatives will also be able to see exactly what specific questions are going unanswered, as that knowledge doesn't yet exist.

Armed with this vital information, you will be better suited to continuously optimise your knowledge base and make sure that it continues to reflect the true needs of your clientele.  


Experience kare For Yourself

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